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In August 2014, my life shifted. I made the decision to transform my life and listen to my inner guidance. I dedicated myself to losing weight - I began to face my body image issues. I dedicated myself to intentionally seeking out and identifying my work in this lifetime. I have learned to accept myself for all my imperfections including the imperfections of my mind. I have begun to understand that surrendering to events that are out of my control is the best way to approach a situation and learning to reframe my experiences in a way that is serving me. 


Life is a process – a beautiful roller coaster of emotions and events. That is, how you perceived the event or emotions one is experiencing will make all the difference in how you respond. A flat tire, for example, may display as a negative occurrence at the moment, but if one reframes the event as “Ah, this appears negative and definitely inconvenient since I now have to call roadside assistance." What if you find out that there was an accident ahead, which would have delayed you even more. Being mindful of how one thinks about an event may make all the difference. In fact, how one thinks about an event will influence how one feels, which in turn will impact one's behavior (Williams & Krane, 2013). 


When I started this website (i.e., March 2015), I realized that I would slowly but truly make an impact on myself, through my inner work and work overall, and impact on others. And frankly, all I want to do in this lifetime is to be of service to others in hopes that others can learn to enhance their performance in whatever endeavor they are in. Put another way, one enhances their life or performance then one may have a higher chance of feeling better and happier (of course, it's not so black and white as I have stated, but I think you understand what I am saying). By disciplining the mind and feeding it mental tools, one can begin to shift and see one’s life in a positive light, while, of course, accepting and surrendering to life's “negative” incidents. Stay true to what feels right to you and focus on that truth – it will all unfold, meaning the answers you seek will reveal themselves in divine timing. 


For now, I will leave you with the above. As time progresses I will update this “About” section. Till next time.


With so much love,

Sugey (“Sue-Hay”)




Williams, J. M. & Krane, V. (2013). Applied sport psychology: Personal growth to peak performance. (7th Ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Publisher.

"Take notice of your inner dialogue in your mind - given a chance it can tell you so much about who you are."



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