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I Never Thought I Would Be Eating This Way

A few months ago, I went to Café Gratitude in downtown LA with one of my Institute for Integrated Nutrition (IIN) colleagues. The waiter came over to ask for our orders. When I told the waiter what I wanted, this is how the conversation went:

Me: “I would like the creative salad bowl: arugula, spinach, red onion… no dressing please.”

Waiter: “No dressing?!!”

Me: “Yes that’s correct. No dressing. I basically want a dry tossed salad.”

I wish you could have seen his expression—he was dumbfounded to hear that I wanted a dry salad!

I never thought I would be eating this way, but I sure am and it is now my beautiful lifestyle. This lifestyle allows me to feel light, energetic and happy. I went through my trial and error phase to figure out what was my manner of eating. We are all different and that’s perfectly okay. What may work for me might not work for you or as the Founder of IIN says, Joshua Rosenthal, “One man’s diet can be another man’s poison.” Today I eat a plant-based diet that I couldn’t be more than happy to be doing! However, I am aware that this manner of eating might not work for me in a few year and that is okay—I accept that. With this diet I have been able to sustain a good weight and have lost some pounds because it is my lifestyle; it has become part of me.

I get asked often “How can I change my lifestyle to be healthier and more energized?” This is a great questions! So what’s the solution to be healthier and more energized?

First, one can start by making a mindset shift (I had to do this and it was tough, but I made it through and so can you!) and commit to the decision that you are going to modify your habits to create your beautiful lifestyle. When you make a conscious decision to something, it allows your mind to shift—success is only a decision away. Here are some of my favorite tips/recommendations to being healthier and more energized:

Tip #1: Count colors not calories

Tip #2: Eat Less Meat

Tip #3 Eat Less Milk

Tip #4 Eat Less Sugar

Tip #5 Eat Less Chemicalized Artificial Junk Food

Tip #6 Eat More Vegetables

Tip #7 Eat More Fruits

Tip #8 Drink More Water

Tip #9 Move Your Body

Tip #10 Get Sleep

All this is great, right?! However, you might be thinking “Sugey, that sounds great, but it’s so much easier said than done!” Well, let me share that my lifestyle shifted when I hired a coach to support me in my journey :)

What are your next steps now? What thoughts came up for you right now?

Creating your beautiful lifestyle of health and happiness, while feeling energized is the act of deciding to modify/upgrade your manner of living. Nothing extraordinary happens in our comfort zone, rather it all happens outside of our comfort zone. You can. You will. You are successful!

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