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Why do you do what you do?

Three years ago my life changed. I had no idea that three years later I would be blessed with the work I do now—God is good.

One of my clients (this client has been with me since the start of SugeyHealth!) asked me:

Client: “Sugey, why do you do what you do? Why do you stand so strongly by your work?”

Me: “Beautiful question. It feels good. It feels right. My gut tells me yes. And frankly, I have learned to lean in and have learned to trust my heart and feel. After all, feeling is understanding.”

Why do YOU (yes, you reading this here!) do what you do? Why do you stand so strongly by your work? Does it feel right? Does it light you up? Does something in your being tell you “yes!”? If it feels right then you keep on doing! On the other hand, if it doesn’t feel right and if it doesn’t light you up then question it—sit with that question and meditate on it. Listen to what comes up. The work you do in this world should feel amazing!!

Don’t be afraid to lean in to what feels right.

In my early 20s I thought I wanted to build a career in the corporate world and climb the infamous ladder. I never asked myself “why I did what I did then”—the reason I didn’t ask myself that question was because I didn’t know “why I was doing what I was doing”! All I did know is that I had hunger to make money. Well, that failed completely as I no longer am in the corporate world; however, leaving that behind has brought me to my work today!

In my experience, we need to feel. We need to feel what feels good. We need to note what lights us up. We need to take notice on what gives us the chills or that fussy feeling inside. We can’t be afraid to walk in the unknown. We must take adventure to know where we belong. If we don’t take adventures then how do we know what feels good or where we belong?

After all, feeling is understanding.

Why do you do what you do? What’s your why? My answer: It feels right. I don’t question this knowing inside me. I am fully going for it and I WILL NEVER LOOK BACK.

Why do you do what you do?

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