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Life Experiences: How to Deal.

Life gives us experiences every day and it is up to us to determine what to do with those experiences. Every experience is neither good nor bad- it is all perspective. Depending on the lenses you are looking through will determine how you see that incident life has given you. When something may seem like “bad” in reality that experience might be far from “bad.” For example, you have been praying for a new job and suddenly you get let-go from your current job. Well, guess what? Your prayer/wish has been answered! Being let-go can be seen as “bad,” but actually this is a good thing because you have been wanting a new job. Life/universe/God has answered your prayer/wish. Now you have room to, let’s say, start your own business or have time to network and capture that dream job! Does this make sense?

All incidents are for us and never against us (big teaching I share with my clients!). It is until we start seeing all experiences as they are and not defining them, rather seeing them as blessings. When we begin to see our experiences as beautiful gifts that is when life becomes magical and you start to be ‘present in the unfolding mystery of your life (Book: ‘The Wisdom of the Enneagram’).’ This is part of trusting the process of your life. Every single experience is for you allowing you to grow. Nothing, nothing in life is against you! Until we start seeing our experiences as good then our stress and anxiety starts to lessen—this has been my experience. Again, it is all prospective and how you evaluate the incidents in your everyday life. I have had so many experiences since I left for college at 18 and I have had to learn this concept, but more importantly accepting it. It is until we accept that we are freed from a lot of our pain. I see life differently than I saw it 3 years ago (August 2014 is when my life change in all aspects. Check out my previous post if you want to learn more about my experience and transformation). Start seeing your experiences as they are and being thankful for the occurrences. Start accepting that life will always give you experiences and see them as good and watch your life transform. This is what happened and continues to happen to me. Life is different today. I have been able to truly trust my life process and continue to reach my dreams (I am a big dream builder!).

Today every-single experience I get in life, I embrace it and tell myself “Okay Life, I see this experience. What outcome are you bringing me? I trust that this is for me and not against me. I trust.” A lot of the times I do lots of self-talk and a lot of positive affirmations. Words are so powerful! Words can either make you feel good or bad. Speak words that make you feel good. The key in Life is to focus on the good and do daily practices that keep you in the highest frequency you can be. I have daily practices I do to keep my mind healthy :)

What can you do today to shift your mind in seeing your “bad” experiences as good?

And one last thing before I leave you…

I love you. Yes, you reading this! We are all in ‘Earth School’ together figuring it all out. If YOU need anything, I am here for you. Reach out to me. We are in this together. I love you.

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