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My Fawen Experience- Yes Please!

I was fortunate to connect with an awesome company called Fawen based out of NYC that invited me to be part of their 12 Day Drink Fawen Challenge. After connecting with them for some months and getting to know their energy, what they stand for and their passion, it was obvious that I wanted to be part of their movement!

I accepted the 12 Day Drink Fawen Challenge (12DDFC) and started on my journey soon after receiving my 12-pack of Fawen product in the mail. The goal was to drink 1 bottle of Fawen daily for 12 consecutive days- then share my experience. Well, to get straight to the point, my experience was great! I started on June 22nd.

1st day: I actually got a headache this day because of all the superfoods and all other awesome ingredients (you can read more on ingredients and Fawen here:, but the next day I was fine.

2nd day: Immediately when I woke up I had my soup and this was the first day I took the soup with me On-The-Go.

3rd day: Drank it again first thing in the morning and this day I woke up craving the soup.

4th day: I started to get used to drinking the soup and really looking forward to having it.

5th day: It became part of my morning routine. Feeling good!

6th day: I took the soup with me On-The-Go, but this time I drank it all day to see how I would feel having it all day. It was a life saver when I wanted to snack.

8th day: Was used to having my Fawen drink in the morning. It was obvious that my body was loving this organic & 100% vegan soup.

8th-12th day: Just as expected, I felt energized through the 12 days and more importantly didn’t feel bloated (this is huge for me! Bloating is one of the reason I went vegan. I used to be bloated often).

Overall, I had a beautiful experience drinking the soup for 12 days. I realized in the 12 days how easy it is to have a Fawen drink on-the-go and how this drink is an easy way to add more veggies in my daily diet. It is crucial to fuel our bodies with quality, clean and whole foods because that is how we increase our overall health—and this is what Fawen believes! I believe it too. My journey eating vegan started December 2015 and I haven’t looked back-- it is companies like Fawen that help us achieve step one towards long-term lifestyle bliss.

Lastly, a little bit about Fawen, it is a pure plant energy drinkable soup made with organic and vegan superfoods. It contains clean ingredients only. Fawen can also jumpstart your health goals (seriously! Great way to start.) and help you get to a habit of putting good food into your system.

If you are curious, like I was, to try this awesome drink, you can use discount code 12DDFC for 12% off + free shipping any single flavor 12 pack case of Fawen at . Also, you can find them online at , Fairway and in stores throughout NYC (you can find a store near you with their store locator).

My journey isn’t over so off I go to order some more!

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