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Trust and Remain Open

Do you ever feel like you want to control everything in your life? Have you ever thought of surrendering to the idea of remaining open and trusting? In other words, stay focus on what you want to create, but remain open on what comes your way even if it isn’t exactly as you envision it.

Trust your life process and path.

While life can be noisy and full of events, it is important to trust and remain open to your life process. The last three years of my life have been monumental. They have brought so much growth; so much self-development; lots of mistakes and growing pains; however, all for the better. Growing up I was taught to follow certain career paths as those were the “only” ones to follow, and so I did. I followed the career of entering the corporate world; nevertheless, corporate was not for me. If you follow my story, you are aware that I am in my second career and I could not be happier than ever. You might ask, how were you brave enough to leave a stable corporate job for the unknown and take the leap of faith to leave corporate to enter another career? Let’s say, as the name of this post, I trusted and I remained open, but more importantly, I listened to my gut. Below are steps I took to remain open, which in turn allowed me to tuned into my inner guidance (side note: I still do all of these below. This is my system I have created to stay on point. What does your system look like?):

  1. I read daily to keep me motivated, especially self-help books (read at least one page daily).

  2. I surrounded myself with folks that love me, believe in me and support me (What’s your support system look like?).

  3. I joined organizations that would plug me into like-minded people, such as Toastmasters (Toastmasters is such an amazing organization! I will be a member for a lifetime!).

  4. I connected with folks that had fruit on the tree. I stayed close to those that had what I wanted.

  5. I exercised and created a healthy lifestyle.

  6. I focused on the GOOD every single day of my life! I see all the good that is happening and stay tune to that. When I fall off, as I have many times, and start thinking negative, then I get back on track by reading, taking long walks, listening to audios and/or doing my breathing exercises (breathing exercises are amazing! A future post will be on relaxation techniques that will include research base information as I am now a sport psychology student- so many good things to come from being a graduate student that I will be able to share!).

Pay attention to your feelings on a consistent basis because they will tell you a lot. Also, pay attention to your body- given a chance the body is very smart and will speak to you. When you start having daily practices that keep you focus on the good (my daily practices are the above I mentioned) and focus on moving forward then the universe starts to work for you (the universe has your back!). When you start trusting and remaining open, you will see how people, events and circumstances will start to appear like magic. As I was once told “Be open and it will all show up…meaning don’t worry or over think things…just see your vision, be your vision and trust the universe…everything you desire will come.”

Trust and remain open to your life process and path.

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