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Transitions and Trusting the Process

By definition a transition is “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another” as stated via Life is constantly changing, which means we will encounter a number of transitions, whether unexpected or expected. Transitions in life are a process of changing from one thing to another; however, for purpose of this post, it can be challenging to stabilize back to your “normal” state as you go through a transition of moving parts. In other words, transitions, when seen in a positive prospective (I challenge you to see transitions as good even with its challenges and troubles), are good challenges that harvest beautiful fruits given the time.

I have returned from Las Vegas about a month and a week ago and boyyyy have I had a transition period, that is still going, with a number of growing pains (good growing pains because I have trained my mind to see that and I discipline my mind daily as best as I can! We will talk about this more here in this post). In the past I have moved around a lot to different location due to my former work and it began to become an addiction; as I moved I began to see a pattern. This pattern was the challenges and monumental growth that I kept receiving. There were times were I literally felt within my being the growth that I was encountering mentally and spiritually! This was amazing!!

Today, in the short time I have been back in California, I have been very well challenged from relationship encounters, family dynamics and receiving some “Ah-Ha” moments when it comes to more clarity on what I am meant to create in this lifetime. Transitions will be a process and might, as it has for me, come fast with little time to truly catch up emotionally causing some stress. I have had so many changes occur this past month that have triggered me emotionally causing some discomfort and this is okay (hang in there because the fruits are coming!). With every challenge there is always good that comes out. Below are a few thoughts on how to trust the process of your transition:

  1. Always remember that all occurrences that happen to you are always for you! There is a bigger purpose to your “uncomfortable” situation. For example, you get a flat tire on the road and you see it as a “bad” thing as your day has been ruined and now you have to call for help; however, what if I told you that the universe might of, just might of, protected you from an accident from coming your way. I challenge you to begin to shift/reframe your mind to see all “bad” incidents as good! To celebrate them and say “Yes! Bring it on!” It can be more than likely that an explosive realization is about to come!

  2. When an emotional feeling begins to drain you, sit with it. Simply put, reflect on it. Ask yourself “What is this emotional hurt I am feeling? Why is it bothering me? This emotion is for me and teaching me something for the better good and all of those concerned.” Sitting with the emotional discomfort instead of avoiding it might show you something that needs some healing within yourself. Trust that the “ah-ha” moment is coming and the answer you are seeking for will be revealed!

  3. Trust the transition you are going through as I am today. In divine timing all answers will be revealed and trust that the feelings, emotions or incidents you are going through are coming up to teach you something. This something is for your growth to become better than you were yesterday! Trust the process as I am today.

Learning to reframe our mind to focus on the good will help elevate a lot of the suffering that we feel, but, of course, be okay to feel and go through YOUR process. It is all a process and it is okay. You are a human being that will feel and go through challenges. I am harvesting so many beautiful fruits right now; I am trusting the process and accepting that in divine timing the answers are always exposed (they are being discovered as we speak!).

How can you train your mind to focus on the good? On a next post I will answer this question with some tools that I have been learning in graduate school (I am attending John F. Kennedy University and studying Sport Psychology. So much amazing tools to share from my learning!).

Life is always changing, as it should, and when it is stagnant is when one might want to reflect. Transitions and changes can be challenging with all the unknown, but trust the process of the transition. See you on the next post! Remember, You can, You will and You are successful!

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