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Primary Truths

What is your truth? What is your primary truth? A number of times growing up I looked at others to give me advise about life or how to move forward. I never knew what my primary truth was nor did I recognize that I have my own truths within myself; all I needed to do is listen. So many times, in my life experience, we look at others to give us advice and answers, when in reality we just might have our own answers within ourselves. That is, as best said by William S. Burroughs, your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer (Ivey, Ivey, & Zalaquett, 2016). For the purpose of this post, primary truth is defined as your core truth and belief of what you stand for wholeheartedly. In my experience, not many speak about core truths in life and what one stands for. Do you know your truths?

The more we know who we are; the more we know our primary truths; the more we know what we stand for, the more confident one can be to maneuver through Earth School (Earth school being this life we are experiencing in planet Earth). Holding true to your truths with disregard about what others may think is so important in believing you can. In other words, plant your roots in the ground and stick to those roots. When one believes passionately in one’s primary truths, one then begins to believe in all that one is. You begin to see the fruit in your endeavors. It is all about the phenomenon of believing.

While some may know what they stand for in life and others may not (and this is okay! We will begin the process here!), one thing is certain that we all have our own individual truths. We simply need to quiet the mind and listen. It is like building a muscle. A muscle of trusting your truth/your answers/your inner guidance. Believing in what you hear within yourself and trusting that thought. Some of my truths, for example, are that I am sweet, altruistic, a future mother and future wife, and a visionary. I very well know where I stand with my life and where I am going; however, at the same time open to what the universe has to offer that I may not see quite yet (this is another topic for another post). I have stood very firm with these primary truths and that is what it is. How do you build this muscle to be confident and walk with such conviction?

How do you begin to build that muscle of knowing your primary truths in life? How do you stand so strong next to your truths? First, you have to start. Begin to acknowledge and become aware of what is true to you in life. For example, for me, another truth is trusting my inner guidance, my gut. This is the compass that allows me to believe in my endeavors, such as my goal of becoming a licensed psychologist. However, take note that this process may not work for everyone as some need specific concrete methods and procedures to follow, and that is okay – I am simply sharing what works for me and my experience of success. Second, continue believing and having your truth in front of you at all times. For instance, for me, my truth of trusting my inner guidance of becoming a psychologist means I see the vision of me working as a psychologist all the time, and when I say all the time, I mean daily. You continue to believe and hold your truth in front of you at all times so it becomes part of you. You begin to be your vision/your truth. Keep your truth in front of you, think about it ALL the time. Say it to yourself ALL the time or see it in your beautiful mind all the time. Slowly, but truly you start to believe more and more and it becomes who you are. Put another way, act as if you already are where you want to be (Canfield, 2005). This has happened to me! Today, I know I will become a licensed psychologist, which will add another layer/tool to my work in this world in helping folks heal one-by-one. Lastly, voice your truths. This allows for you to become comfortable believing and holding true to your primary truths.

The three steps above are simply brief explanations. There is so much more that can be said. Thoughts on your end? I invite you to write comments below or comment on @sugeyhealth Instagram so we can begin a dialogue and vibe together. Sending you so much love and light! Till next time. -Sugey (“Sue-Hay”)


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