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Podcast: Interview – Self-talk & more

I had the pleasure once again to connect with @sports_mastery a few weeks ago and speak on self-talk and more.

In the LINK below you will hear DeShawn @sports_mastery and I start the conversation by summarizing our first convo back in Jan. 2019 when we spoke on the connection between thoughts > feelings > behaviors. Put simply, research has shown that the way we think affects the way we feel, which in turn impacts how we behave (Williams &

Krane, 2015). We also touched on self-awareness and the importance of being self-aware before modification, changes, and enhancements can be made. Third, I defined self-talk and what that entails: the internal running dialogue we have in our heads about ourselves and others. Fourth, I discussed a few ways to build self-awareness of our self-talk/inner voice:

1. Reflection

2. Self-talk log

3. Paper clip exercise

Lastly, we ended the interview by sharing one last nugget of wisdom: “pay attention to your mind, given a chance if you discipline it…it can work beautifully for all of us.”

I trust you will enjoy! Sending you so much love and light.

-Sugey (“Sue-Hay”)


Williams, J. M., & Krane, V. (2015). Applied sport psychology: Personal growth to peak performance. (7th Ed.). NY, New York: McGraw-Hill.

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