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Podcast: Interview – Sufferfest/suffering during performance & more!

Hello all!

Another podcast interview talk were @proforceathletics and I discuss suffering during performance and so much more! Our conversation is much based on The Brave Athlete book by Marshall and Paterson, chapter 11 (I Need to Harden the F*** Up). Below bullet points on the conversation we had:

· Lessons to suffering

· Loving the “suck”

· How do you keep going when in the sufferfest (word described in the book The Brave Athlete)?

· “Accepting that at this moment I am dealing with this suffering…this is life right now…”

· Is suffering during performance temporary?

· “Knowing that in the here and now this suffering is 5 minutes of my life…knowing that you accepted the challenge from day 1…”

Take a listen to here and let me know what you think!

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More podcast interviews to come. Stay tuned! :)

- Sugey ("Sue-Hay")


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