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Podcast: Interview – All things sport psych & more!

I have been privileged to connect with some great individuals doing great work in the arena of sports. As a sport psychology @jfku_sportpsychology student and continuing on to my PsyD/doc courses this fall 2019, I am always excited to speak on all things sport psych.

@tolaogunlewe and I had a dynamic conversation which aired last week and boyyyy did we enjoy speaking on the following items:

  • Controlling the controllables

  • Mental toughness

  • Building self-awareness

  • Reflective practice

  • Imagery script

  • & so much more!

Our convo is tailor to athletes; however, I believe the convo can be beneficial to all performers – performers meaning anyone that is performing, such as preparing for a workshop or simply performing at a job; after all, the majority of us are performing on a consistent basis.

Take a listen to the interview here:

Any feedback or thoughts, please reach out to me at or @tolaogunlewe (he is fairly active on his Instagram so reach out to

him anytime – such a great host!)

Excited for you to take a listen! You got some good nuggets coming your way!

-With so much love and light, Sugey (pronounced Suhay)


References (used during the interview)

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